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Thank you so much to you all for joining us for THETA 2017.  It was a wonderful few days, and I hope that you all found it engaging, stimulating and thought provoking. I want to extend my thanks to the many people and organisations that have contributed to bringing THETA 2017 to you, including

  • Delegates – thank you all for participating, networking, supporting THETA2017 and tweeting about it. #THETA2017 was the top Twitter trend in NZ and Australia several times throughout the conference.
  • Sponsors – The conference would not happen without our platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsors; as well as our cloud and device partners. Echo360 our platinum sponsor has recorded sessions throughout the conference. These will be made available post-conference, we will be in touch with you with the details.
  • Exhibitors – more than 40 exhibitors attended…. I hope you enjoyed speaking with each and every one of them.

It takes a village to plan and execute a conference. We have 5 committees – Organising, Programme, Experience, Vendor, Technical.  I would like to thank the 34 Committee members from AUT, the University of Auckland, CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE for their hard work.

Special thanks to the chairs of each of these committees, Liz Coulter (Programme Committee), Lynda Clements (Experience Committee), who also worked with the Technical Committee chaired by Bruce Colloff, Steve Johnston (Vendor Committee Chair) and his deputy Ann Thomson, who attempted to retire from the University of Auckland and never got a chance to put her feet up.

Thank you to staff of AUT and UoA, with special thanks to AUT staff : my EA – Edie Scadden, Conference Project Officer – Susanne McKay and AUT’s ICT Communications Consultant Judy MacFarlaine, CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE staff who have led and participated in committees and otherwise supported the preparations and running of the conference and Icon Conference and Event Management – Lynda Booth and her team of professional conference organisers.

Lastly, thanks to CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE for continuing to support the conference.

We look forward to seeing you all at THETA 2019 hosted by the University of Wollongong.

Liz Gosling
THETA 2017 Conference Chair


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THETA 2017's organisers are a vibrant group of staff from CAUDIT, ACODE, and CAUL as well as The University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology; and a professional conference organiser.
The group has formed specialist organising, experience, programme and vendor committees committed to delivering you an awesome conference experience in 2017.

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The Higher Education Technology Agenda is a high-level forward looking conference held every two years with the aim of advancing higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

The conference is unique in that it attracts a comprehensive range of practitioners and senior decision makers across the whole spectrum of Information Technology, Teaching and Learning, Library and Knowledge Management in tertiary education.

It is run under the direction of CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE and hosted by individual universities.

THETA Conference – May 7-10th 2017



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