THETA 2019 in Wollongong

The Tipping Point

‘The Tipping Point’, reflects that magic moment when innovations in the use of information technology, cross a threshold and spread like wildfire.

Presentations addressed the Conference’s five featured sub-themes:

The Smart Campus – Digital transformation and innovation

Seeking exciting new projects and research developments showcasing digital transformations across student services, learning and teaching and campus infrastructures. Covering innovations and their impacts, spanning conceptualisation to commercialisation, including topics of Artificial Intelligence, Campus analytics, Big Data, the Internet of Things solutions (IoT), and more.

Student Centric Lifecycle & Experience

We’re increasingly flipping our operational model to take a student centric approach. Presention explored UX and student-centred design, technology’s role in ensuring a seamless student experience and our future learning spaces – formal, informal, and online.

In Unity is Strength

Celebrating what can be achieved by working together to achieve institutional goals. Showcasing our collaborations, both internal and external to our institution, participants learned the benefits of involving strategic partners, such as students, faculty and industry.

Experiential Learning

It’s become common nomenclature in our institutions, but what’s the latest on how experiential learning is being designed and delivered? Presentation explored emerging technologies facilitating new approaches in teaching and learning and how digital dexterity for learning and research excellence is being enabled. Sessions featured adaptive learning, augmented reality and virtual reality, and curriculum design.

Future Ready and the New Reality

A presentation on how institutions adapt to the increasing pace and nature of change in information and technology, with examples showcasing how organisations are demonstrating leadership in reshaping and reframing to meet the new digital reality.