The primary conference theme of ‘Making Waves’ reflects the innovative practices that can be adopted to deliver transformative and captivating experiences for students – and staff – that ripple across the sector.

The THETA 2023 program will be curated around the following seven sub-themes:

  1. Embracing Disruption
  2. Teaching to the Attention Economy
  3. Dynamic Delivery
  4. Cyber Complacency
  5. Online and Multi-Modal Learning for Equity Students
  6. Quality Learning in the Digital World
  7. Testing Times
  8. Cybersecurity NEW!
  9. AI and the emergence of ChatGPT NEW!

Read the summaries of the sub-themes here.

Submission types

Presentation (20 minutes)
Presentations take place during concurrent sessions. They are best for presenting original research, methodologies, or critical examinations of conceptual issues.
Lightning talks (7 minutes)
Lightning talks take place during concurrent sessions. They are strictly 7-minute presentations that should be short, sweet and punchy. They are best for presenting work in progress or case studies.
Panel discussions (45 or 55 minutes)
Panel discussions will take place during concurrent sessions. Panels explore different perspectives on a key topic. They generally have a facilitator and three or four panel members who can provide different perspectives. Panels should be discussion-based rather than a series of short presentations.
Experiential sessions (90 minutes)
THETA offers an experiential program that generally includes tours. The Program Committee is seeking submissions for experiential sessions. These might include short workshops, hands-on demonstrations or other interactive sessions. Don’t let your ideas be limited by what you’ve seen at conferences in the past, tell us what you want to see!

Submission Guidelines

To make your submission, you will need the following information on hand:

  • Presentation title of no more than 50 words
  • Abstract of between 300 and 350 words
  • Author details including name, title, affiliation and a biography of 200 to 250 words for all named authors
  • A statement of no more than 50 words outlining how your submission aligns with one of the sub-themes for the conference

Please note the following requirements:

  • The system will not accept your submission if you do not enter all information noted above or exceed the word limits on any field
  • Submissions must be in English
  • Please thoroughly review your submission for spelling and grammar errors as submissions with errors may not be accepted
  • Before making a panel submission, you must secure an agreement from all panellists to participate