1300 – 1600Registration open Plaza Auditorium Foyer
1730 – 1930THETA Welcome Reception

Join us at the Welcome Reception where you’ll enjoy local wines and cuisines while reconnecting with colleagues.

Location: Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre (BCEC)

Dress code: Business casual or neat casual

0730 – 0830Registration & Exhibition Open – Plaza Auditorium Foyer
 Plaza Auditorium
0830 – 0900

THETA 2023 Opening Ceremonies

  • Welcome to Country
  • Conference Chair: Welcome to THETA 2023
0900 – 0950Keynote: Anders Sörman-Nilsson
Global Futurist

2nd Renaissance: The Future of Education for a Humanist Age
Anders Sörman-Nilsson (Global EMBA / LLB) is a futurist and the founder of the think tank and trend analysis firm – Thinque, which provides data-based research, foresight and thought leadership assets for global brands across 4 continents. Read More →
0950 – 1020Keynote: Jason Lodge
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Focussing on what really matters for quality learning and teaching with technology
Jason Lodge, PhD is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Learning, Instruction, and Technology Lab in the School of Education and Deputy Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland. Read More →
1020 – 1030 President Address – CAUDIT
1030 – 1100 Morning Refreshments – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
1100 – 1155

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: Ben Conyers, UNSW

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Liz Hall, Flinders University

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Michele Dale, James Cook University

Testing Times and Accessibility

Chair: Seb Dianati, Charles Darwin University

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Ashish Bharadwaj, Torrens University Australia


Chair: Vito Forte, Edith Cowan University

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11B3S1
1100 – 1125

Virtual Worlds as a place with student choice in Higher Education

Sarah Prestridge
Griffith University

Disruption disrupted: from emergency online teaching to embracing hiflex delivery for student access, inclusion and equity

Dr Tracy Bowell, Dr Nicole Pepperell
University of Waikato

Gathers, Weavers and Augmenters: Three principles for dynamic and sustainable delivery of quality learning and teaching

David Jones, Henry Cook, Steven Booten
Griffith University

Reimagining proctored testing: Developing a student-centered approach to academic integrity

Megan Wuebker
University of Cincinnati

A first Macro View of Australian Research Data

Ai Lin Soo, Luc Betbeder-Matibet
University of New South Wales

The cybersecurity challenges for research in Higher Education

Kate Carruthers

1130 – 1155

Evaluating a whole institution pedagogic innovation, combining digital and f2f in a rich, active blend: what does success look like, and how do we measure it?

Shan Wareing
University of Northampton

Makers Spaces & Innovations Spaces: Managing intellectual property risk to embrace disruptive technological advances

Emma Mckindley
University of Southern Queensland

Implementation of weatherman-style videos via digital chroma key compositing to enhance non-verbal immediacy during online lectures

Taw Kuei Chan
National University of Singapore

Accessibility technology for higher education and research

Oliver Greiner

Cloud 2.0 is Here – and it’s Changing How Organisations use Data Storage. Look before you leap – cloud storage can be expensive if you are not aware of what you’re signing up for.

Rob Waite
Wasabi Technologies

Cyber Security and Risk Awareness: Why are all aspects of cyber security related to an understanding of cyber security risk?

Glenn Dickman
Griffith University

1200 – 1225

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: Ben Conyers, UNSW

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Liz Hall, Flinders University

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Michele Dale, James Cook University

Testing Times

Chair: Seb Dianati, Charles Darwin University

Cyber Complacency and Teaching to the Attention Economy

Chair: Ashish Bharadwaj, Torrens University Australia

AI and the emergence of ChatGPT

Chair: Vito Forte, Edith Cowan University

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11B3S1
1200 – 1210

From Our Room to Yours: A Virtual Reading Room Pilot at the University of Sydney

Maddie Wilson, Marthe Follestad
University of Sydney

Cohorts and Condensed Videos

Ian Frank
Future University Hakodate

Kit out to amp up – The ARDC Trainer Toolkit

Adeline Wong
Australian Research Data Commons

Applying authentic leadership traits to staff mental health and well-being in the post-secondary sector in Australia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Matt Cooke
Swinburne University of Technology

Cyber fatigue – some insights and strategies from operations

James Ng
AARNet (Australia’s Academic And Research Network)

Yes, you can use AI! Academic libraries and the development of information and digital literacies for AI-augmented study

Nica Tsakmakis
Australian Catholic University

1215 – 1225

Ask Me Anything – A new approach to staff support

Nigel Robertson
University of Waikato

Mainstreaming Assistive Technology to improve the student learning experience and support retention of at-risk students

Natalie McLaughlin, Sally Leggo
Western Sydney University

Digital Tides

Ameeta Prakash, Laura Thompson
Griffith University

It may be worse than we thought. Endemic academic misconduct: regulatory, legal, and financial consequences, and institutional lessons learnt

Shan Wareing
University of Northampton

Teaching to the attention economy: how Flinders University Library enhanced its engagement with students

Heidi Savilla
Flinders University

Embracing disruption. Three university responses to ChatGPT through the lens of Queensland libraries

Caroline Williams, Clare Thorpe
The University of Queensland

1225 – 1325Lunch & Exhibition – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
 Plaza Auditorium
1325 – 1400Keynote: John O’Brien
CEO and President of EDUCAUSE

The Other Transformation: Advancing a Campus Culture of Care
John O’Brien serves as the president and CEO of EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through technology innovation. EDUCAUSE serves over 2,000 member colleges, universities, and organizations from 41 countries who themselves collectively serve over 14 million students. Read More →
1405 – 1500

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: David Dennis, Queensland University of Technology

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Margi Jantti, University of Wollongong

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Josephine Lang, The University of Melbourne

Online and Multi-Modal Learning for Equity Students

Chair: Sarah Prestridge, Griffith University

AI and the emergence of ChatGPT

Chair: Ian Palmer, UTS College


Chair: Roy Pidgeon, Central Queensland University

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11B3S1
1405 – 1430

Enhancing the student experience with LinkedIn Learning’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI): a case study in integration at the University of South Australia

Sean Boden, Stephanie Simon
University of South Australia

The CAUL OER Collective Pilot Project : Creating a ground swell for change

Tahnee Pearse
University of Southern Queensland

Flexi Learning – From necessity to opportunity and bending to the needs of students

Nigel Robertson
University of Waikato

Practical resources supporting ethical, equitable, accessible, and sustainable procurement practices in educational technologies

Nick Baker
University of Windsor

Growth Prevention Tactics or Good Practice Teaching? Fears and hopes for ChatGPT in the context of professional development for tertiary teaching staff

Dr Nicole Pepperell, Dr Tracy Bowell
University Of Waikato

Ecu’s Cyber Journey

Vito Forte
Edith Cowan University

1435 – 1500

Fuelling a Culture of Innovation

Sanit Kumar
University of Auckland

Enabling the Institution for the Digital Economy: Key Future Trends

Mark Roman
Info-tech Research Group

Discovery of a Project-based Professional Learning (PjBPL) Model: overcoming the innovation paradox to implement a large-scale curriculum management solution, support academic quality, and facilitate change

Hayley Farrer
Charles Sturt University

Enhancing digital equity for students: a shift in learning and teaching perspectives

Justine Maldon, Michelle Pedlow
Edith Cowan University

Embracing AI for student and staff productivity

Michael Sankey
Charles Darwin University

Achieve Microsoft 365 Collaboration Security within a Zero Trust Architecture

Max McNamara
Reece Gallagher

1505 – 1515

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: David Dennis, Queensland University of Technology

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: Margi Jantti, University of Wollongong

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Josephine Lang, The University of Melbourne

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Sarah Prestridge, Griffith University

Online and Multi-Modal Learning for Equity Students

Chair: Ian Palmer, UTS College


Chair: Roy Pidgeon, Central Queensland University

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11B3S1
1505 – 1515

Some things are better off unfinished – Increasing both fluidity and pace of delivery with an “incomplete” Digital Strategy

Ken Lai
University of Canterbury

Large modern collaborative pedagogy space on a shoestring

Raif Young
UTS Insearch

Quality Learning in the Digital World: Helping Students Navigate a Large Integrated Medical Program

Shaun Mccarthy
University of Adelaide

Doing the hard work to deliver on the promise of seamless connected student experiences

Sam Daley

Griffith University Library’s Honey Labs provide a sweet source of multi-modal writing, referencing, and researching skills for equity students

Kylie Pay
Griffith University

QUT and lessons learned from the Cyber Security Incident

Jack Cross, Corey Monaghan
Queensland University of Technology

1515 – 1545Afternoon Refreshments – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
1545 – 1715

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: Kaye Sullivan, Monash University

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Michael Sankey, Charles Darwin University

Online and Multi-Modal Learning for Equity Students

Chair: Anthony Whitty, Australian Catholic University

AI and the emergence of ChatGPT

Chair: Gina White, Charles Sturt University


Chair: Geoff Purcell, James Cook University

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10B3S1
1545 – 1715

Speed Design: A ship or a surfboard?

Ailsa Leacy
Infinite Hq

Does your design hold up? Interrogating intentions of online learning design

Leanne Reynolds, Fleur Connor-Douglas
Massey University

Meeting the Demands of Post-Covid Hybrid Learning in Canvas LMS

Julian Ridden
Cidi Labs

Generative AI in Higher Education

Thomas King

The Tensions of Cyber Resilience in Higher Education – Navigating the sprint to a resilient learning and research environment

Dave Robbins


Session 1
1545 – 1630

Session 2
1630 – 1715

Showcase Tour – State Library of Queensland
Tour Length – 45 Minutes
Limited Capacity
Founded in 1896, State Library of Queensland is the leading reference and research library in Queensland, responsible for collecting and preserving a comprehensive collection of Queensland’s cultural and documentary heritage, providing free access to information for all Queenslanders and for the advancement of public libraries across the State. Join State Library’s friendly guides on a tour of the award-winning South Bank building and learn about the spaces, collections, services, and exhibitions.
0700 – 0830Registration & Exhibition Open – Plaza Auditorium Foyer
 Plaza Auditorium
0830 – 0840Welcome Day 2 – THETA Conference Chair
0840 – 0850President Address – ACODE

0850 – 0930Keynote: Vicki McDonald AM FALIA
State Librarian and CEO
Embracing disruption
Vicki McDonald is a key player in the transformation of the library sector in Queensland. As State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer of State Library of Queensland she understands the need for a strong, relevant and innovative library service. Read More →
0930 – 1000

Platinum Sponsor Address – Technology One
Kate Shum
With 20 years experience in the tertiary education sector, Kate has worked across higher education and TAFE in roles spanning from student administration to IT. She is passionate about improving the student experience through user-centric design, process simplification and clever use of technology. Her deep understanding of business processes, strategic challenges and digital transformation come together to drive products and solutions that meet student and educator needs now, and into the future. Learn More →

1000 – 1030 Morning Refreshments – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
1030 – 1225

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: Clare Thorpe, Southern Cross University

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Caroline Williams, The University of Queensland

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Cassandra Spencer, CAUDIT

Online and Multi-Modal Learning for Equity Students

Chair: Robyn Tweedale, University of Southern Queensland

AI and the emergence of ChatGPT

Chair: Steve Johnston, CAUDIT

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11B3
1030 – 1055

Evidence-informed IT planning, procurement, and evaluation in higher education

Jason Lodge
The University of Queensland

Digital on Campus: Creating a connected offering at UTS

Michael Gonzalez, Sascha Jenkins
University of Technology Sydney

Application of Knowledge when Learning about the Third Stage of labour through 3D Technology in the Digital World

Michelle Gray
Edith Cowan University

ACODE Learning Modalities 2022 survey

Ratna Selvaratnam
Edith Cowan University

Implementing AI in Higher Education: Examining benefits and requirements* (*Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask)

Sarah Barkla
Flinders University

1100 – 1125

Taking digitisation to another dimension: building heritage online

Sarah Charing, Naomi Mullumby
University of Melbourne

Simplifying access to Research IT via the Research Computing Portal

Callum Cartwright
The University of Melbourne

Avoiding Scorn and Praise – current opportunity and obligation in post-COVID Higher Education

Dr Kevin Bell

CQU Success – A learning analytics tool that supports effective digital delivery for all

Shaune Sinclair
Central Queensland University

ChatGPT – A clarion call for stronger teacher-student relationship

Josiah Koh
The Open Polytechnic Nz

1130 – 1155

A tale of two Universities: How to pick a delivery model that enhances digital transformation?

Stuart Hildyard
Victoria University

Creating the 10 million student university

Kevin Rodrigo

Do we need to be seen to be believed? A comparison of three video feed formats and resulting differences in learning

Dr Deniese Cox

Transforming an equitable student experience : a systemised approach

Liz Hounslow
Flinders University Library

AI, and why we aren’t worried (yet)

Dr Melissa Silk, Dr Sue-Ann Standford
JMC Academy

1200 – 1225

The Evolution of Education Systems

Primo Lazar, Keith Hawkes

Zooming beyond Covid: Did the pace of learning really Zoom, or just the tools?

Geoff Lambert

Ensuring quality teaching in a digital age- Covid-19: South Africa

Nozuko Langa
University of South Africa

Name Mispronounciations: Avoiding Microagressions in Higher Ed

Connor Koper

Generative AI: the power, the danger, and its future potential for our society

Professor Flora Salim
Cisco Research Chair

1225 – 1325Lunch & Exhibition – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
 Plaza Auditorium
1325 – 1405Keynote: Professor Tamara Davis
Adventures on the Dark Side of the Universe
Professor Tamara Davis is an astrophysicist who studies the elusive “dark energy” that’s accelerating the expansion of the universe. She’s “made waves” studying some of the largest waves in the universe, including gravitational waves and sound waves from near the dawn of time. Read More →
1405 – 1445Keynote: Melissa Silk
National Head of Design

Connected Curiosity
Melissa Silk is a Sydney educator, working extensively in a variety of contexts to encourage transdisciplinarity through doing, being and becoming. Melissa collaborates with many thinkers and makers to design experiences that embed the Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM). Read More →
1450 – 1530

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Liz Hounslow, Flinders University

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Katrina Gillespie, University of South Australia

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Jeffrey Cruz, The University of Queensland

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Sascha Jenkins, University of Technology Sydney

Embracing Disruption

Chair: Simone Poulsen, Griffith University

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11B3
1450 – 1530

The LMS (or not) of 2027, and how we can start planning for that now

Michael Sankey
Charles Darwin University
Travis Cox
University of Adelaide
Trish McCluskey
Deakin University
Roy Pidgeon

Global Skills Disruption – A Collaborative International Research Study

Associate Professor Josephine Lang
The University of Melbourne
Dr Naomi Boyer
Education Design Lab
Dr Brian LaDuca
University of Dayton
Margo Griffith

Maximising the common good as commercial players disrupt an already disrupted sector

Richard Cawood
Vito Forte
Edith Cowan University
Keitha Dunstan
Bond University
Jonathan Churchill

Belonging starts with connection

Martin Bean, Chris Eske
Steven Warburton
University of New England
Robina Xavier
Queensland University of Technology

Switching lanes: career transitions between the Library and IT

Sam Searle, Julie Toohey
Griffith University
Peta Hopkins
Bond University
Katrina McAlpine
University of Sydney
1530 – 1600Afternoon Refreshments – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
 Plaza Auditorium
1600 – 1700Sponsored Deep Dive Sessions
Plenary Building a Robust and Resilient Digital Infrastructure for Higher Education in Australia
Technology One – Platinum Partner
This presentation looks at the rapidly evolving technological landscape and how it can be leveraged to address the unique challenges faced by Higher Education institutions in Australia. This includes insights into how data analytics can be used to drive student success and institutional effectiveness. Learn More →
P9Addressing Cyber Security and Complacency in the Higher Education Industry
Cisco – Gold Sponsor
Educational institutions face significant cybersecurity challenges, from delivering secure online and physical learning experiences, protecting the ecosystem of hybrid learners, staff, educators, and devices in the wake of increasing security attacks, safeguarding research and institutional data, keeping up with changing regulations and more. So how do you keep up and build a holistic security program? This session dives into:
o Cybersecurity, privacy, and threats landscape today
o Common security use cases in higher education
o Leveraging a Security Reference Architecture to safeguard your educational institutions
o Innovations to deliver a secure and seamless educational experience for students and staff. Learn More →
P10Delivering digital innovation: How higher education institutions can compete in the future digital economy
Appian – Gold Sponsor
Higher education institutions are facing unprecedented pressure to transform business operations. Attracting students, retaining them, and preparing them for modern life starts with providing easy-to-use technologies to help them be successful on their educational journeys. Institutions that embrace automation and AI can better position themselves to adapt to new trends and stay ahead of the curve.
Join this session to hear firsthand from Accenture and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) on how institutions can rapidly develop and deploy digital solutions that modernise legacy IT systems, reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies that can help drive an enhanced student and staff experience.
Learn More →
P11How Columbia University, Barnard College, used Data to Accelerate and Simplify their Shift to the Cloud
SnapLogic – Gold Sponsor
The student experience is a critical component to not only recruiting students but providing services that lead to a high graduation rate. Data is critical to this experience. With data sources and volumes growing at an exponential rate, data modernisation has become a necessity for colleges and universities. Colleges and universities are embracing the cloud, unifying their applications and systems, and putting data at the center of their strategies to enrich the experiences of students, faculty, and alumni.In this session, Nancy Mustachio, Director of Enterprise Applications, Barnard College, sits down with SnapLogic, AVP Asia Pacific, James Campbell, for a fireside chat. They will discuss:

  • Barnard College’s use case for selecting and implementing a unified approach to moving applications and data in the least disruptive manner
  • Important features to look for when selecting a partner and platform to automate necessary integration toil
  • Accelerating and simplifying the shift from legacy systems to the Cloud using an iPaaS platform

 Learn More →

1830 – 2230

THETA Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner is the social highlight of the program and should not be missed. Come and join us at the Brisbane City Hall for another chance to catch up with colleagues, whilst enjoying a great night of food, wine and entertainment.

Location: Brisbane City Hall

Dress code: Cocktail

0700 – 0830Registration & Exhibition Open – Plaza Auditorium Foyer
 Plaza Auditorium
0840 – 0850Welcome Day 3 – THETA Conference Chair
0850 – 0900President Address – CAUL
0900 – 0940Keynote: Kate Monckton
IT Security
How are you going to manage that?

Kate came into cyber security and privacy from a pretty non-traditional background. Her degree is in German and Philosophy and she started her career in strategic sales and marketing consulting. Read More →
0940 – 1030Keynote Panel: The Open University
Panel Chair – Clare Thorpe, Southern Cross University
Panelists – Professor Helen Partridge, Deakin University, Fiona Bradley, University of New South Wales & Brendan Heywood, Catalyst IT 
1030 – 1100 Morning Refreshments – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
1100 – 1155Cyber Complacency

Chair: Nikki Peever, CAUDIT

Teaching to the Attention Economy

Chair: Kate Elder, Charles Darwin University

Quality Learning in the Digital World

Chair: Prashant Pandey, Flinders University

Dynamic Delivery

Chair: Jane Angel, CAUL

 Plaza AuditoriumP9P10P11
1100 – 1125Managing the lulls: Increasing cyber security awareness amid data breaches

Simone Poulsen, Deimante Kaupaite
Griffith University

The academic Tik Tok: How the institutional adoption of Microsoft Flip (Video Blogging) led to greater engagement, belonging, and inclusion online through the short video responses

Seb Dianati
Charles Darwin University

The Libraries and Security Can Be Friends? Findings of a Higher Ed CISO + Librarian Survey on Security of Research and Information On Campus

Sari Frances
Dr Jason Ensor
Western Sydney University
Andrew White
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
B360 Boola Katitjin – The Technology Journey

Phil Ferreira
Murdoch University

1130 – 1155Shift the mindset, shift the narrative: Change your Cyber story from vulnerable to prepared

Ryan O’Kell, Charlie Hales
Waterstons Australia

Getting started with A.I.’s – Your first steps down the rabbit hole of these new digital disruptive technologies

Julian Ridden
Cidi Labs

Back to the Future and the Pedagogical Luddite: A journey on seeing the past forward with the powerful new tools

Malcolm Field
Kyorin University

Student Management Systems – Building out from a legacy monolith to a componentised ecosystem – the journey so far

Iain Macpherson
University of Canterbury

1155 – 1200Break: Head to Main Plenary – Plaza Auditorium
1200 – 1240Keynote: Rob McMillan
The Top Predictions for Cybersecurity 2023 – 2024
Rob McMillan covers information and IT security topics such as strategic planning, security policy and governance, security incident response, risk management, and security metrics. He brings firsthand experience with nine years in the financial services industry at the executive level within one of the largest banks in the world. Read More →
1240 – 1315Presentation of prizes and Conference Closing
1315 – 1345Lunch & Exhibition – Plaza Auditorium Foyer & Concourse
1330 onwardsAirport Shuttle service departs

= Lightning Talk = Dynamic Delivery = Embracing Disruption = Quality Learning in the Digital World = Testing Times

= Online and Multi-Modal Learning for Equity Students = Cyber Complacency = Teaching to the Attention Economy

= Cybersecurity = AI and the emergence of ChatGPT