Details for the 2022 Program are not yet released…


Refer to the THETA 2019 Program to explore the themed presentations and see who presented at the last THETA Conference.

The THETA Conference presents an exciting and engaging space for the sharing of creative ideas to provoke new thinking through the promotion of innovations and their catalysts. Learn how people and organisations have reshaped and reimagined their purpose, services, and the user experience to address the myriad of opportunities and challenges facing professionals in the sectors of Information Technology, Teaching and Learning, Library and Knowledge Management in higher education and research. This is an ideal forum to showcase your latest research, collaborations and developments; leading the way for new partnerships, networks and strategic opportunities.

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THETA consistently engages visionary speakers, addressing thought provoking topics that paint the big picture on emerging trends and the future landscape in the intelligent use of information technology in higher education and research.

“Excellent and relevant themes and exciting content”

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“Organisation was fantastic, content was great, session time allocations spot on!”