Advice for Presenters

Congratulations – you are presenting at THETA 2019!

The following points have been compiled to assist with preparation and smooth delivery of your presentation.


Webinar for Conference Presenters

As a THETA Conference presenter you’re invited to watch our recent webinar to receive top tips for an outstanding presentation.

Watch the Webinar: A Guide for First-Time Presenters

Watch Now


Sharing tips for delivering a high quality conference presentation at THETA 2019, this is ideal for first-time and experienced presenters alike. Questions about presentation format, timing, audience, etc? Our panel of THETA Program Committee members and experienced public speakers will take and answer your questions, to help you prepare for your programmed presentation.

Meet our webinar panellists: 

Margie Jantti, Director, UOW Library Services, and CAUL President.
Professor Maarten de Laat, UOW School of Education and ACODE representative.
Michael Fenton, UOW Data Governance Coordinator and Toastmasters Division Director

Prior to the Conference

  • All presenters must be registered. Register to attend here.
  • Prepare your Powerpoint/Acrobat presentation with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Short presentations are 7mins in duration and are to be presented PechaKucha style, i.e. engaging, fast-paced, and limited to 20 slides. For a great resource explaining how to use the PechaKucha style see here
  • Long presentations are 20mins with 5mins of question time.
  • Save your presentation to a USB for upload at the THETA Speaker Preparation Room.
  • To save time at the conference, you may email your presentation in advance to Please note that you are still required to check-in to the Speaker Preparation Room prior to your session to ensure the status of your presentation.
  • Is it your first time presenting, or want some tips and advice on presenting at THETA? The Program will be delivering speaker preparation sessions and resources in the lead up to the conference. Keep an eye out for announcements.

At the Conference

  • Collect your name badge and other delegate items from the THETA Registration Desk upon arrival.
  • Check-in to the Speaker Preparation Room prior to your scheduled session to ensure your presentation is uploaded and all presenter requirements have been satisfied. Your presentation must be uploaded at least 4 hours before your scheduled presentation time; this may mean the day before your presentation.
  • The Speaker Preparation Room is always open for you to use, please note that presentation upload and technician support are best utilised during the following times:

Sunday 19th May, 1pm – 4pm

Monday 20th May, 8am – 8.30am, Morning tea, Lunch

Tuesday 21st May, 8am – 8.30am, Morning tea, lunch

Wednesday 22nd May, 8am – 9am

  • It’s important to note that presentations cannot be uploaded in session rooms. It is your responsibility to check that your presentation has been loaded and is displayed correctly prior to commencement of your session.


Each presentation room will have the following:

  • All rooms will be set up with a lectern mic, lapel mic and at least one roving mic.
  • Foldbacks will be available. One screen, current and next slide, (presenter screen), notes and timer on the second screen, off to the side of the lectern, floor level.
  • PA for audio
  • One Remote clicker and pointer, all in one unit
  • WIFI

During your Session

  • Arrive in session room 10 minutes before the start of your session to introduce yourself to the session chair.
  • If the presentation prior to yours is cancelled, please wait to begin your session at the scheduled time so that all those who plan to attend your session can.
  • The Session Chair will introduce you and your presentation title, so there is no need for you to repeat this.
  • The Session Chair will keep you to time.
  • Most session rooms have the capacity to seat in the vicinity of 150 people.
  • Each session room is equipped with windows-based PC, data projection facility and speaker monitor. Be sure to test your presentation in the Speaker Preparation Room.

After your Presentation

  • The THETA Recording Sponsor, echo360, will be capturing your presentation. Your slide set and audio of your presentation will be made available via the THETA Conference website.



Publication of Long Presentations

A decision has been made not to publish full papers for THETA 2019. Instead, you are encouraged to source the most appropriate profession or subject aligned journal for your publication. Slides and audio recording of presentations will be published on the THETA Website.

Conference Prizes

Cash prizes are awarded for the best in each of the following categories – if there are sufficient entries.

Note: an individual category must have a minimum of eight entries in order for third place to be awarded.

Activity First prize Second prize Third prize
Best presentation– as voted by the Program Committee $500 $250 $100
Audience favourite presentation


$500 $250 $100
Student paper/presentation


$500 $250 $100