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THETA – The Higher Education Technology Agenda

The number one biennial conference in Australasia promoting the intelligent use of information technology in higher education and research.

About THETA 2019

THETA 2019 Countdown

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Novotel Wollongong Northbeach
NSW, Australia


Sunday to Wednesday,
May 19-22, 2019

The Tipping Point

The conference theme, The Tipping Point, reflects that magic moment when innovations in the use of information technology cross a threshold and spread like wildfire.

Explore how technology, information and education specialists are shaping and influencing the tipping points for technology enabled higher education; learn who’s working on the edges; find out more about the ideas, trends and social norms that move around our institutions that dramatically change uptake and optimisation of new approaches and practices around technologies; discover how networks and collaborations accelerate unconventional ideas and encourage broad scale adoption of innovative solutions.

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A quality conference, promising quality experiences

THETA consistently attracts over 600 thought-leaders, innovators and key decision-makers from across the sector and throughout the region.

“It was more than expected”

“Networking is always excellent at THETA”

“I have made connections at peer institutions that will benefit both parties in collaborating or sharing ideas around parallel projects”

“It has cemented some of our thinking in the direction we want to take in the future”

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Keynote Speakers

Global thought leaders influencing the Tipping Points in the innovative use of technologies in higher education.

THETA consistently engages visionary speakers, addressing thought provoking topics that paint the big picture on emerging trends and the future landscape in the intelligent use of information technology in higher education and research.

Genevieve Bell

Genevieve Bell

Distinguished Professor at the Australian National University, Director of the 3A Institute, and Senior Fellow at Intel
Christel Brost

Christel Brost

Head of Section, Humanities, Languages and Cultural Production, Malmö University.
Sheila FitzPatrick

Sheila FitzPatrick

President & Founder, FitzPatrick & Associates; Global Expert in Data Privacy and Sovereignty Laws
Dr Michael Sughrue

Dr Michael Sughrue

Neurosurgeon; Research Director, Charlie Teo Foundation