Award Winners

Best Presentation

First Prize

Ms Kerrie Campbell
Flinders University

Digital Transformations Require an Analog Solution… People

Second Prize

Dr Ruari Elkington
Queensland University of Technology

“It Moves! – Developing Augmented Reality Applications of the Merge Cube Across Creative Industries & Health”

Third Prize

Mr Ghaith Zakaria, Dr Sonia Wilkie
Victoria University

Online Interactive Activities to Avoid Death by Powerpoint

Best Short Paper

First Prize

Ms Andrea Philips, Ms Kylie Tran
University of Melbourne

Taking It to the People: Enhancing Staff Engagement Through Human-Centred Design

Second Prize

Mr Yuri Banens, Dr Jennifer Wilson
Griffith University

Beaker, Don’t Set the Lab on Fire!’: A Muppetbased Lab Preparation Game to Enhance Student Preparedness and Engagement For Laboratory Sessions

Third Prize

Ms Jennifer Whitfield, Ms Nadia Kempfe
University of NSW

Viewing Learning Analytics and Student Experience Feedback Through a Threshold Concept Lens

Audience Favourite

First Prize

Peter Green
Curtain University

Dynamic and Immersive Visualizations of Library User Research Activity Using Data from EZproxy Log Files

Second Prize

Geoff Lambert
Western Sydney University

Who controls a Collaborative Learning Space?

Third Prize

Ed Campbell
University of New England

2.482×10⁹: Lessons From a Decade of use of Learner Analytics