Presenting a Session

Sessions are short presentations (25 minutes)

THETA 2017: Template for a Session

Print TEMPLATE for a Session

Presenting a Session

Concurrent sessions are short presentations (25 minutes) around work you have undertaken or topics you have explored.  Presentation submissions should include a 1 page abstract. If accepted for the programme, you will have the option of completing a full paper.  Accepted papers will be included on the conference website.

1.    Title

Please provide a title for this session

2.    Summary

This section should contain a brief overview of the presentation. It should be no longer than 100 words.

3.    Abstract

The abstract should contain a summary subsequently used in the programme. It contains enough information for the readers to become acquainted with the presentation. The abstract should not include tables, figures or illustrations. The abstract should be no more than 300 words.

4.    Authors’ Biographies

Please provide a professional biography for each author that is no longer than 100 words per author.