Proposed Sub Themes for THETA 2017

Sub Theme ideas:

The review of all submissions for each sub-theme will be overseen
by the THETA 2017 Programme Committee to ensure the best possible
conference programme.

To stimulate your thinking, we have provided a range of areas of interest for THETA 2017.

It is not intended to be exhaustive.

Please remember the theme “Connecting Minds. Creating the Future” and sub-themes:

•    Digital Transformation
•    Innovation in Learning and Teaching
•    Technology Innovation and Service Management
•    The Research Ecosystem
•    The Next Generation Library
•    Strategic Leadership
•    People, Culture and Capability

Digital Transformation

subtheme transformation 300x180

•    The digital campus
•    How can universities digitally transform
•    Artificial intelligence
•    Cognitive computing
•    Virtual reality
•    Analytics, data mining
•    Strategically leveraged technology to improve student outcomes
•    Advancing innovation culture
•    Competing education models
•    Keeping education relevant
•    Facilitate, support, apply emerging and existing technology to improve the staff and student University experience
•    Quality through innovation


Innovation in Learning & Teaching

subtheme learnteach 300x180

•    Digital engagement and personalised learning
•    Success measures: value and impact
•    Reality: virtual, augmented, mixed
•    Gamification
•    Storytelling
•    Keeping education relevant
•    Microcredits, continual lifelong learning, game-changing MOOCs
•    Strategically leveraged technology to improve student outcomes
•    Redesigning learning spaces
•    Shift to deeper learning approaches
•    Growing focus on measuring learning
•    Increasing use of blended learning designs
•    Blending formal and informal learning
•    Learning analytics and adaptive learning
•    Makerspaces
•    Quality through innovation

Technology Innovation & Service Management

subtheme servmanagmt 300x180

•    Infrastructure (big data, bandwidth)
•    Agility (agile delivery)
•    Information security
•    Protecting content
•    University cloud computing impact
•    Mobility
•    Embracing social networking
•    Effective service management
•    Effective, efficient student and staff identity and access to appropriate e-services
•    Identity across the university ecosystem
•    Success measures: value and impact
•    Strategic access and discovery partnerships
•    Computer end user
•    Enterprise application integrations
•    BYOD
•    Facilitate, support, apply emerging and existing technology to improve the staff and student University experience
•    Quality through innovation

The Research Ecosystem

subtheme research 300x180

•    Developing a sustainable research support model servicing the needs of all researchers
•    Success measures: impact and visibility
•    Research data management
•    Data visualisation
•    Infrastructure (big data, bandwidth)
•    Artificial intelligence
•    High performance computing
•    Robotics
•    Visualisation
•    Quality through innovation






The Next Generation Library

subtheme nextgen 300x180

•    Literacy frameworks – new directions
•    Strategic access and discovery partnerships
•    Open web, open educational resources, open access
•    Mass digitisation, crowd-sourcing
•    Digital humanities
•    Collection assessment trends
•    Scholarly communication
•    ILS and content providers mergers: impact on libraries
•    New spaces, new services
•    Graduate attributes: generic and/or contextualized
•    Quality through innovation

Strategic Leadership

subtheme strategic 300x180

•    Leadership in a changing University environment
•    Facilitate, support, apply emerging and existing technology to improve the staff and student University experience
•    Rethinking how institutions work
•    Developing a fit for purpose digital strategy for the institution’s future
•    Positioning IT as a catalyst to transform the institution’s business functions
•    Quality through innovation
•    Enabling, contributing to the employability agenda and work related learning
•    Leading people and culture
•    Leading agility (agile delivery)
•    Information security and the role of leaders
•    IT funding models
•    IT organisational development
•    Quality through innovation

People, Culture & Capability

subtheme capability 300x180

•    The workforce for the future
•    Addressing the skills gap – digital capability
•    Diversity
•    Agents of change
•    The agile enabler
•    Partnering with the business
•    New jobs – getting on the front foot (in an age of uncertainty)
•    Innovation and entrepreneurial-ism
•    Do we need to have a ‘start-up’ mentality?
•    The mobile enterprise
•    Resource planning