Steve Leichtweis

Head of the eLearning Group, Centre of Learning and Research in Higher Education, The University of Auckland

Steve Leichtweis leads a team of highly qualified & creative Learning Designers focused on building digital technology and eLearning capacity.

He is also a security software development team member behind the Microsoft Innovation Award winning Kaitiaki Software Project.  Kaitiaki has resulted in the successful recovery of dozens of computers by the New Zealand Police and their subsequent return to schools.

Steve is a member of THETA 2017’s Programme Committee.

Connecting Minds. Creating the Future.

Learning Analytics In Practice: Nudging Students Towards Study Success

Now presented as a poster Summary Effective adoption of learning analytics by teachers is required to realise its potential. Barriers to adoption include data access, data analysis skills, and ethical concerns. This workshop focuses on the current debates around learning analytics used for student engagement and student conceptual understanding. Discussions and hands-on activities will draw […]