Shane Neussler

University of Canberra, Australia


Shane Neussler’s career in Higher Education began in 1999 at the Northern Territory University, Darwin, Australia (now Charles Darwin University – CDU). Since then he has worked in various institutions, roles and teams to support the work and advancement of learning, teaching, and research.
Professional roles include technology support officer, server administrator, educational technology programmer, project manager, teacher, co-convener, curriculum designer, and manager of scholarly technology platforms. His current role involves leading and managing the teaching/learning and library management systems with a team of 16 for the University of Canberra, reporting to the Director Teaching and Learning.
Achievements include successfully concluding a procurement project involving 10 university-wide teaching, learning, and library systems.

Leading large education transformations including a Unit Outline Repository and Mahara ePortfolio at the University of Canberra, and contributing to the development of the first digital lecture recording system at The Australian National University (ANU). Development projects include an Academic Needs Archive (ANU) and a faculty wide help desk system (CDU).

My Sessions

From library to lighthouse: leadership and change for academic futures

Blue Room

In 2014 the University of Canberra restructured the way in which it led and supported academic practice.  The library, teaching and learning technologies, curriculum innovation and academic development, and academic policy were all brought together in a single team. The rationale for this was future-facing: increasingly, the boundaries between library-based information resource practice and the […]

Strategic Leadership