Marcos Steagall

Communication, Art and Design Lecturer, AUT, New Zealand


Marcos Steagall is an university lecturer in Communication, Art and Design since 2000. He holds a bachelor  degree in Social Communication with emphasis in Advertisement and Propaganda, and also a Master and a PhD in Communication and Semiotics. He has 20 years of experience in Photography and Graphic Design, 15 years as an university lecturer, and 10 years in high education management.

Currently he is developing a practice-led PhD research in Art and Design, on AUT, focusing on the ability of photographic image to document a subjective relationship between the photographer and the land. Concurrently, he is also interested in practice-led methodologies.


My Sessions

Augmented Reality: Connecting the classroom and the community

Yellow Room

This paper discusses the first stages of a student lead undergraduate research project that looks into the feasibility of augmenting their designs within the community of Manukau, South Auckland, New Zealand. Through the perspective of the students of Visual Communication Design, new technologies usually associated with the concept of augmented reality were explored in order […]

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