Lucy Thomson

Technology Training Team at The University of Adelaide, Australia


Lucy Thomson has an extensive background in training soft and hard skills, and an international reputation as a presentation designer and coach. Her passion lies in helping people get more out of the technologies they use every day, by promoting digital capabilities; and ensuring learning is always relevant, effective and fun, by implementing research driven methodologies and practice in the Technology Training Team at The University of Adelaide.

My Sessions

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: how and why we introduced Higher Education learning and teaching practices into staff technology training

Purple Room

Through a series of case studies, we will examine the transformation of technology training at The University of Adelaide from a teacher-centric to a learner-centric approach. The intention is to inspire the audience to consider changing their own practice, and to give them the practical advice they need to do it, as well as helping […]

People, Culture and Capability