Lindsay MacDonald

Portfolio and Business Relationship Manager


Lindsay MacDonald is an experienced Portfolio and Business Relationship Manager who specialises in helping organisations realise greater business value by improving their business agility and technology adoption.  He uses Lean Agile principles to remove waste and reduce time to market.  His outstanding Relationship and communication skills enable him to build strong business-IT partnerships and establish motivated collaborative teams focussed around a clear vision for delivering business value.  He uses his Portfolio Management skills to ensure organisations continually innovate and adapt to retain their competitive advantage.

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Agile Business Relationship Management – getting more value with less effort

Pink Room

Every IT manager and leader is faced with the challenge of IT projects that over spend and under delivered.  A McKinsey and Oxford University study of 5400 large IT projects found that on average 45% ran over budget, 7% ran over time, 56% delivered less value than expected and each year a project ran made […]

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