Kathryn Unsworth

Data Librarian with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Melbourne, Australia


Kathryn Unsworth is a Data Librarian with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) based in Melbourne. Kathryn engages with a number of Australian universities, providing research data management related advice, support and training. Additionally, Kathryn works in partnership with institutions to deliver ANDS-funded projects. She has many RDM-related interests including, DMP implementations and their value in changing researcher behaviours and practices, IP and licensing issues for data, ethics and informed consent, and up-skilling data librarians for transition into data science roles.

My Sessions

Research Data Management Plans (RDMPs) are failing to create the cultural change they are meant to inspire

Purple Room

Abstract Completion of an RDMP is now compulsory at many Australian Universities. Largely driven by Australian funders’ response to the growing number of overseas funding agencies’ explicit requirements. Despite this, researchers are generally sceptical about the value-add attributed to RDMPs.  For most, it is just another intrusive and painful administrative hurdle that gets in the […]

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