Karen Visser

Program Leader for Skills, Resources and Policy with the Australian National Data Service, Canberra, Australia


Karen Visser is the Program Leader, Skills, Resources & Policy for the Australian National Data Service, based in Canberra. In this role she works with institutions and data providers across Australia to develop skills and communities needed to maximise the discoverability and reuse potential of research data assets. She has a background in managing learning management systems, teaching and information science. Karen and Natasha were both instrumental in developing the 23 (research data) Things program in 2016, which gained international attention and participation.

My Sessions

Enter The (Research Data) Puzzle Room

Purple Room

Summary In this half-day workshop, participants will be invited to explore different viewpoints on building strategic institutional solutions to the puzzle of successfully managing and publishing research data. It will utilise perspectives from IT, libraries, educators, research office, ethics and researchers. You will be asked to interact in a dynamic learning environment via ‘learning corners’, […]