Joey Gerlach

User Experience Coordinator, Adelaide, Australia


Joey Gerlach (User Experience Coordinator) trained as a researcher in conservation genomics at the University of Adelaide. During her research career she was excited by the eResearch tools available at no cost and during her spare time promoted them to her fellow researchers with workshops and rewritten documentation. Some of her handouts got back to Nectar and eRSA who consequently offered her a position. Joey is now responsible for user documentation for the national eResearch infrastructure services Nectar and RDS. Locally, she provides documentation and workshops for eRSA, the lead eResearch provider in Adelaide, South Australia.

My Sessions

Encouraging academics to use eResearch tools by tapping into the researcher mindset.

Green Room

Research datasets are getting larger and more complex which increases the potential benefit of using cloud computing and high performance computing. However, many academic researchers remain unconvinced that pursuing these resources will make their lives easier. As eResearch and IT providers, there are ways we can present information about how to use these services that […]

The Research Ecosystem