Gareth Denyer

Research Data Steward for the University of Sydney, Australia


Dr Gareth Denyer is a researcher in Molecular Biology and Nutrition.  His main passion, however, is for eLearning innovations, and his activity in this space over the last 25 years has seen him win several local and national teaching awards.

Recently he became the Research Data Steward for the University of Sydney and this gives him responsibility for ensuring academic culture change around Research Data Management for the entire Institution.  This means providing staff with the tools, training, policy and information to enable them to conduct their research and manage their collaborations safely and efficiently.

My Sessions

Research Data Management Plans (RDMPs) are failing to create the cultural change they are meant to inspire

Purple Room

Abstract Completion of an RDMP is now compulsory at many Australian Universities. Largely driven by Australian funders’ response to the growing number of overseas funding agencies’ explicit requirements. Despite this, researchers are generally sceptical about the value-add attributed to RDMPs.  For most, it is just another intrusive and painful administrative hurdle that gets in the […]

The Next Generation Library

Can an examination be comprised of student-authored questions?

Yellow Room

Peerwise is an online tool which allows students to design multiple-choice questions (MCQ) for their peers.  For the last two years, several Units of Study run by our School (Molecular Bioscience) have embedded Peerwise into our formal, in-semester assessment program.  This experience has led us to believe (controversially) that these questions are often better than […]

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