Gaith Bader

University of Sydney Library, Australia


Gaith Bader is the Manager, Online Services at the University of Sydney Library. He’s been working in the higher education sector for the last 10 years in multiple roles covering the University of Sydney and the University of new South Wales.

Gaith’s educational background covers a Masters of Information Technology, a Graduate Diploma in Computing, a Graduate Diploma in International Business and a Bachelor of Law.
Gaith is passionate about working with clients to understand their objectives and thus better visualise the user journey to translate that into UX design decisions that best meet their needs and objectives.


My Sessions

What do UXpect? A user-centric approach to unifying library search interfaces

Pink Room

The Library embarked on a project to address the limitations of multiple search interfaces by employing UX experts and integrating our varied services into a unified search interface. Abstract Library Client Survey results were the catalyst for us to focus on improving the user experience with the Library’s discovery platform. Comments covered the spectrum from […]

Technology Innovation and Service Management