Elizabeth Wilson

CIO at Edith Cowan University, Australia


Elizabeth Wilson is a leader of transformational change with experience working with executive groups and building high performing teams.  She is an innovative leader in applying technology as a transformation agent for business change and is passionate about exploring new and different ways of achieving organisational and personal excellence.

In her current role as CIO at Edith Cowan University, Elizabeth initiated a transformation program to uplift the University’s technology capability to support current and future teaching, learning and research needs.  She is the WA representative to the AARNet Advisory Committee and is President CAUDIT.

My Sessions

Address by CAUDIT President, Ms Elizabeth Wilson


The Intersect of the Organisation and the Citizen of the Future

Blue Room

Many conferences and conversations are focused on ‘digital transformation’ with the question ‘is digital a strategy or a culture’ often posed.  The response to this question is usually that digital transformation is both a strategy and a culture. This presentation discusses some current thinking on organisational culture and its applicability to a ‘digitalised’ organisation and […]

People, Culture and Capability