Darl Kolb

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Darl G. Kolb

Professor of Connectivity
Graduate School of Management
University of Auckland Business School

Darl is a pioneering theorist on socio-technical connectivity and the first ‘Professor of Connectivity’ in the world.  His main research interest is in the area of managing personal and organizational connectivity for performance and well-being. He has studied globally distributed project teams and the use (and over-use) of smartphones.

Darl received his PhD in organizational behaviour from Cornell University and has been a Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

Prior to becoming an academic, Darl worked as an Outward Bound Instructor throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Alaska. Where possible, his teaching is still based on intensive experiential learning approaches.

My Sessions

Connectivity: Creating and Challenging the Future of Work?

Orange Room = ASB Auditorium/Theatre

Abstract: You don’t have to be a futurist to think about the implications of near-constant connectivity, you only have to look around and wonder, ‘what are humans good for?’ What can educators do to keep the robots from eating our jobs?