Craig Warren

Deakin University, Australia


Craig Warren has been a passionate staff member within Deakin University’s eSolutions Division for many years. He currently holds the position of Executive Director, ICT Infrastructure Services where he is responsible for Deakin’s
•    Voice/data and video network
•    Data centres including all servers/storage
•    The workstation fleet of some 9,500 desktops
•    Enterprise Cyber Security
•    Audio Visual services in approximately 800 spaces, including
•    300+ video conference rooms

Craig loves to see technology effectively utilised to deliver an outcome to a customer. Currently at Deakin we are very focused on introducing personalisation to as many ICT services as possible. For example, using location based services we can have screens put up personalised heat maps of where your friends are in a building. ICT Infrastructure is enabling such services and is no longer confined to just the back room.

Craig has a Bachelor of Sciences Degree (Honours) from Deakin University.

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