Anna Pegg

Associate IT Architect at Griffith University, Australia


Anna Pegg is an Associate IT Architect at Griffith University and currently maintains the Enterprise Architecture repository for the University. She has a background in Information Systems and eight years’ experience with maintaining Enterprise Identity and Access Management solutions at Griffith University. Her previous roles in Information Services at Griffith have included project management, identity management and server operations.

My Sessions

Architectural Approaches to the Next Generation Library: a Case Study in Connecting Librarians and Architects at Griffith University

Purple Room

Staff from Griffith University’s Library Technology Services (LTS) and IT Architecture and Solutions (ITAS) will share experiences from a 2016 collaboration to comprehensively document and assess the Library’s ‘as is’ IT architecture. The presentation will cover the roles of the two teams, the rationale for conducting this activity, how we scoped the work to be […]

The Next Generation Library