Adele Haythornthwaite

Senior Research Data Management Policy Officer, University of Sydney, Australia


Dr Adele Haythornthwaite is an ecologist by training, specialising in marsupial ecology in Australian deserts. She is also a former IT project manager and programmer/analyst. Adele now combines these seemingly unrelated careers as a Senior Research Data Management Policy Officer in the Office of the DVC Research at the University of Sydney.

True to her ecology background, Adele finds it hard to avoid an animal-related metaphor in her presentations.

My Sessions

Eating the Research Data Management Policy Elephant: Effecting Culture Change in a Diverse Research Community

Green Room

Research Data Management is a fast-evolving field where policy is struggling to inform and regulate research practices within the research community. In this talk, I discuss our team’s approach to resolving how we can engage our research community with best management practice while enhancing research experience and output. Abstract How do you eat an elephant? […]

The Research Ecosystem