Lou Markstrom

Author Unleashing The Power of IT and President, Results Group International


Over the past 25 years, Lou has worked with over 35,000 individuals in a wide variety of companies, organisations and industries to improve results, transform cultures and drive outcomes.

Lou is the co-author of the book “Unleashing The Power of IT: Bringing People, Business and Technology Together” (Wiley, CIO Series, 2014) and writes a monthly article for the on-line edition of CIO magazine. His upcoming book “Results: Creating High Performance Organisations, Teams, and Individuals” is to be published in 2017.

He is currently working with CEO’s, CIO’s, HR Leaders, IT leaders, and executives to transform their cultures and development the talent in their organisations.

Lou specialises in working with organisations and individuals to identify the future that they would like to achieve, the current state they are in and the skills and attitudes that will need to be developed in order to achieve it.

Lou has worked and is currently working with numerous organisation in higher education throughout Australia to develop their talent and culture including Queensland University of Technology, University of Canberra, Australia National University, Victoria University, Australia Catholic University, RMIT and University of Western Australia. He was a featured speaker at recent member meetings for CAUDIT & VDIT. He has delivered workshops for the membership of QUDIT. One of his recent CIO Magazine articles focused on the changing culture of IT organisations in higher education.


Lou has been inducted into the Stern School of Business Hall of Fame, NYU Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame, American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

He has spoken to audiences ranging from small groups to 1,500 per seminar and worked with organisations throughout the US, UK, UAE, Asia and Australia.

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