Connecting Worlds: The Impact Of New Metrics On Researchers And Institutional Technologies

Level 5

Poster Summary:
The ways in which research and researchers are measured and evaluated are evolving faster than ever. In this digital poster we’ll present an overview of the impacts this has on technology and services within the institution, including the opportunities and challenges that this changed reality bring.

Poster Abstract
The way that researchers communicate, with each other and with audiences outside the academy, has changed forever. As scholarly discourse evolves, so too do the tools and technologies that support it.
In this poster we’ll explore what this means for the processes and technologies that exist within institutions – including some examples of Australian and New Zealand institutions who have made changes to their existing workflows, repositories and other internal and external-facing systems and platforms to adapt.
There are both challenges and opportunities associated with this rapidly evolving ecosystem. We’ll consider what those are and how organisations can ensure they are well positioned to achieve the maximum benefits, in line with strategic objectives.
The poster will also discuss where funders play a role in this, and examine their interest in adapting existing evaluation methods and requirements to better determine broader impacts.

Poster The Research Ecosystem