Post Conference Workshops

Outstanding speakers and more learning opportunities

Date: Wednesday 23 February 2017
Time: 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Aotea Centre, Auckland New Zealand
Cost: $250.00 per workshop

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Phone:  +64 9 845 5550

Workshop 1

University Libraries Enabling Cultural Data to Flow, Ingrid Mason – AARNet
What can university library collections and support staff in university libraries do to enable cultural data to be more accessible and to assist in getting cultural data to flow?

Cultural data is increasingly available through digital capture (i.e. digitisation or digitally born cultural material) and being used as a scholarly resource for data intensive research, teaching and learning.  Liaison, collection access, and, research and teaching and learning support professionals in university libraries will be key participants in enabling cultural data and expertise to enable data to flow in New Zealand and Australia through the national research and education networks.

Workshop 2

Learning analytics in practice: Nudging students towards study success,Steve Leichtweis – The University of Auckland
Effective adoption of learning analytics by teachers is required to realise its potential. Barriers to adoption include data access, data analysis skills, and ethical concerns. This workshop focuses on the current debates around learning analytics used for student engagement and student conceptual understanding. Discussions and hands-on activities will draw on class room teaching in the NZ higher education context to 1. raise awareness about various data sources available to gain actionable insights on student engagement, and 2. To introduce simple to use learning analytics tools to gain insight into student (dis)engagement and student (mis)conceptions which facilitate action by teachers.

Workshop 3

From Innovation to Transformation – Creating and Implementing an Active Learning Initiative, Julie Johnston – Indiana University
In this workshop, participants will develop their own strategies for launching a system-wide active learning initiative. After we briefly outline Indiana University’s approach, highlighting successes and lessons learned, we will engage the audience in guided group work to explore how they are–or how they could be –approaching classroom design and faculty development for active learning classrooms.

In this session we will highlight the intersections between space and faculty development necessary for pedagogical transformation. We will also focus on the value of leveraging stakeholder relationships in creative ways.

Workshop 4

It’s Pedagogy GO with Location-based Mobile Learning Games, Roger Edmonds – University of South Australia
This 3 hour interactive workshop has both indoor and an outdoor components. We begin inside where we introduce you to location-based mobile learning games and how we are using them at our University to amplify student’s educational experiences. Next it’s outdoors for 45 minutes in small groups to play a prototype location-based mobile learning game on your mobile phone around the University and nearby streets. We then return inside to deconstruct how it was designed and for you to begin designing and publishing one of your own.

Workshop 5

Enter the (Research Data) Puzzle Room, Karen Viser – Australian National Data Service
In this half-day workshop, participants will be invited to explore different viewpoints on building strategic institutional solutions to the puzzle of successfully managing and publishing research data. It will utilise perspectives from IT, libraries, educators, research office, ethics and researchers. You will be asked to interact in a dynamic learning environment via ‘learning corners’, puzzle challenges and technical tools. Based loosely on the Puzzle Room concept, participants will be given props and cryptic clues to help you solve a data puzzle scenario involving an institutional approach to research data management.