Convene a Point Debate

This session is a short debate (25 minutes) on a hot topic.

THETA 2017: Convene A Pointarrow 2Counterpoint Debate

Print TEMPLATE Convene A Point – Counterpoint Debate

Two debaters each present their case for opposing sides of a question, with the audience voting on the outcome. The abstract for a point/counterpoint submission should include the question, a brief explanation of the issue, and short bios of the two debaters. Two example subjects: “Technology is failing higher education” and “Is there a template for online learning?”.

1.    Question of Debate

This should include the issue in question to be debated.

2.    Summary of Issue

A short summary on the context of the issue in question to be used in the programme with enough information to acquaint the readers with the issue in debate.  The summary should not include tables, figures or illustrations. It must be no longer than 300 words.

3.    Authors’ Biographies

Please provide a professional biography for each author no longer than 100 words per author.