Convene a Lightning Round

A lightning round (25 minutes) features 3-6 very short presentations by different speakers about aspects of the same topic.

THETA 2017: Template for Convene a Lightning Round

Print TEMPLATE for Lightning Round

Lightning rounds are ideal for communities of practice and for showing how different organisations or different areas within an organisation are dealing with the same issue. The abstract for a lightning round or community of practice submission should include the main topic, the list of speakers, and the titles and brief descriptions of their talks.

1.    Title of Lightning Round

Please provide a title for this session.

2.    Summary of Main Topic

The abstract should contain a short summary to be used in the programme with enough information to acquaint the readers with the topic.  The summary should not include tables, figures or illustrations.  This should be no longer than 300 words.

3.    Professional Biography of Main Submitter/s

This should be no longer than 100 words per author.

4.    Title, Brief Description of the Authors’ Talks & Authors’ Biographies

These are the authors who will be contributing to the Lightning Round and should be no longer than 200 words per author.

Provide the following if available: