The THETA Conference App Guide

Tips and tricks about the official app for THETA 2017

This guide will take you through each of the modules in the THETA 2017 app and tell you how you can use them, which ones will be most helpful to you, where you can store information and how to search for information.

Download the THETA2017 Conference App for Apple

Download the THETA2017 Conference App for Android

or Search your app store for THETA2017
Tip: include full word THETA2017 in your search!

Username=your registration email
Password=your registration number
TIP: Details sent to you by email with the subject “Final Details for THETA 2017”

Make you sure you click ALLOW when prompted about receiving notifications from the app.
Once downloaded, the first screen to pop up will be the login page. You will have received your login details, your login email address is your registrant email address and login password is your registrant number. If you are missing any information or have forgotten your password or email address, please come to the registration desk and we will provide your login details.

Some of the key features in this app are:

My profile: this is where you can log out of the app, should you need to. You can also control your push notifications here. Make sure it is switched on to receive the notifications through the conference. This is also where you can edit your profile setting. If you add anything into your profile description it will then show up in your attendee profile description.

Inbox: This is where you will receive meeting request invites and also where you will see your push notifications once the initial push alert has come across the screen.
Tip: You can email delegates from the THETA App (from the Attendees button) which will show in the Inbox.

Search: this module lets you search through the app for any information you require. The helpful staff at the Registration Desk can also assist you in the use of the App.

Programme: this lets you access the entire THETA 2017 programme. You can search each day or click on the ‘eye’ icon to view by type, locaton, alphabetical or timeline.
Each day is listed by time. When you  click into a session a description about the session is displayed.
•    It shows the abstract
•    An introduction to the speaker/s
•    The location of the session
•    An area to write notes about the session (this will also show up in the notes module)
•    Add this session to your Digital Conference Bag
•    Add a session to your  ‘My Agenda’ . You will be notified 15 minutes before the start of the session.
•    Ask a question – during the session if you think of a question to ask, jot it down here and the question will be sent to the Chair of the session to ask (if time permits).
•    Session rating is your opportunity to provide your feedback on the session, from 1-5 and provide comments.
•    Add to Calendar – if you are reviewing the session and decide you want to attend, select Add To Calendar and select Save..

My agenda:  If you viewed the sessions through your app and selected ‘My Agenda’ for those you wish to attend, they will appear here.
You can also use this function to contact colleagues attending THETA to arrange a meeting.

Speakers:  View all the speakers at THETA 2017, in alphabetic order or use the search key.
Click on the Speaker’s name to view more information about them, when they are presenting, the location of their presentation, record any notes and add them to your Agenda or Digital Conference Bag.

Sponsors: View the companies that are sponsoring THETA 2017. On selection details about their services and a link to their website is provided. The sponsors are listed in order of sponsorship value.

Exhibitors: This function provides a list of the exhibitors, with a brief description of the company, contact details and the booth number to find them.   Select the Add to contact list and their contact details will be added to your contact list.

Attendees: Provides a full list of all attendees at THETA 2017. You can view details about their work place, job title, add them to your contact list, send a message and even arrange a meeting with them through the ‘Meeting Request’ option.   They are listed in alphabetical order but you can use the ellipses (…) to locate by name or organisation.

Places: Find the places of importance – Aotea Centre for the conference, ANZ Viaduct Event Centre for the Gala dinner, university campuses and the main conference hotels.

Aotea Floor Plan:  The map of the Aotea Centre, with levels and session rooms.

Digital Conference Bag: Keep track of all your favourite session, exhibitors and attendees.  In most of the function buttons you have the option to add to your Digital Conference Bag and this function button provides all these details in one place. You can clear your digital conference bag by selecting the button in the top right corner and clicking Clear Digital Conference Bag.
If you want to retain the information saved in your Digital Conference bag during the conference, you can email a copy of the bag to your email address by selecting Receive Conference Bag.
Tip:  the first time you use the email function, you will be prompted to enter an email address, in case this should be different from the one used on your registration.

Notes: Write notes directly into this area or if you have made notes during a session they will be displayed here. You can also email the notes to you have created to yourself.

Best session:  We want to know your favourite session, so use this function to vote.  This is listed in session order with the speaker name at the beginning. You can also rate the sessions when you are in the programme module.

Scavenger Hunt: Make sure you join the Scavenger Hunt to be in to win a prize.  Scan the QR code at all the exhibitor stands by selecting the QR button (at the bottom of the screen) and pointing to the QR code printout on the stands.  Once you have scanned a particular code the trophy picture next to that exhibitors name it will become a tick. Once you have ticked all the exhibitors you will go automatically into the draw to win. You do not need to download a separate QR Code app for this as it is included in the module.

Photos: Take photos in the app and share with the other delegates. When you take a photo it gives you the option to post to your own Facebook page. You need to have the Facebookapp on your phone for this to work.

Activity feed: Check the THETA twitter feed and the Leaderboard from this function.

The Leaderboard shows how active people are on the app i.e. points are earned for each comment, post, and Scavenger Hunt scan

Have a question during a session?
Questions for speakers are to be submitted during the session by using the App.
To do this:
Select the session you are attending on the App.  i.e. this can be from your ‘My Agenda’ or by selecting the session from the ‘Programme’ function button.
Select the ‘Ask A Question’ option i.e. scroll down to the bottom of the screen.  Enter your details and your question and select ‘Send Question’.
Questions submitted are sent to the Chair of that session who will select the questions to be raised with the speaker (dependent on time and type of question).

If you have any questions please contact the helpful staff at the Registration Desk on Level 2.